Mocks for RootsCity

I believe it would be interesting to the youth if family history were more like facebook, where you have profile pages for each of your ancestors and you write posts about them.  
To make it easy for youth and keep them engaged I added challenges, which direct the youth to look for records about their ancestors in specific collections. When you find a record about your ancestor, you “tag” your ancestor in the record. Every ancestor has a number (score) next to their name that indicates the number of posts (records, pictures, or stories) that they have been tagged in.  I believe that tagging your ancestors in records, pictures, and stories will form the basis of a fun/joyful genealogy experience for youth.
In order to make the experience more social I added the need for you to invite someone else to “confirm” a record attachment.  Hopefully the youth would invite their family and maybe even their friends to review and confirm the records they have found.

I believe this also helps youth get started right away doing evidence-based genealogy documenting their research. The posts act as evidences, people in posts are personas, and tagging people in posts attaches personas to individuals.
Here is a link to some mocks:
I’m nowhere near a competent graphic designer, and the mocks are pretty low-fidelity, but I hope that they convey the ideas. This is what I want to build later this year as a free open-source project. I’d love to get feedback / constructive criticism of the ideas.

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