A robust open-source GEDCOM parser

I just posted the first cut of an open-source GEDCOM parse. The parser parses GEDCOM files into a de facto object model, which is able to represent nearly all of the tag sequences found in real-world GEDCOM files. The object model includes common custom tags; other tags are represented as extensions. The object model has a JSON representation, and the toolkit includes a GEDCOM exporter. This makes it possible for anyone to read a GEDCOM file, manipulate its contents, save it to JSON, and export it back to a GEDCOM file, without loss of information for the vast majority of GEDCOMs.

Ryan Knight has created a demo server to show it off.

For more information, see the Github repo.

2 comments so far

  1. smga3000 on

    I’ve been trying to find a gedcom to json convertor, this looked like it might be that but doesn’t seem to still be around. Is it available or do you know of one? You’re doing great work with genealogy, you might like what I’m doing, if I can get it to work 🙂

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